Public & Societal Benefit

40 Years Ago

Forty years ago, a grieving mother set into motion a national movement that has saved tens of thousands of lives. A drunk driver, out of jail just two days following his fourth drunk driving arrest, had struck and killed Candace Lightner’s 13-year-old daughter Cari as she walked to a church carnival with a friend.

Meet Renuka

Renuka is a student at the Antrat Village School in Maharashtra where we recently installed a solar array and gave her a solar lantern to use at night. Renuka is in the 4th grade and is one of the top students in her class. She doesn’t let the fact that she is from the scheduled tribe caste hold her back from her dream of becoming a doctor. Her parents are laborers for the poultry farm in their village of Antrat Nid and she looks forward to the day when she can support them and provide medical services to the rest of her community.

WellBeing International Partners Launches Global Dog Campaign in Costa Rica

An estimated one billion dogs share our world, about half of whom live on the streets. A growing number of local animal organizations around the world are presently providing direct care for both street and owned dogs, including sterilization and vaccination, and yet millions of dogs still receive no care or support. We can do better.

Why CCASA Matters Now More than Ever!

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) was founded in 1984 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to be the collective voice of rape crisis advocates across the state of Colorado. Today, our membership includes sexual assault survivors, victim advocates, rape crisis centers, dual domestic violence and sexual assault programs, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, public health agencies, college and university campuses, medical professionals, offender treatment programs, public officials, as well as other organizations and concerned individuals throughout Colorado.

Northern Colorado COVID-19 Response Fund

On March 18, The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado and United Way of Larimer County announced the Northern Colorado COVID-19 Response Fund to aid in response and relief among northern Colorado nonprofit agencies. The collaborative funding and leadership support vital organizations while providing bandwidth and resources to nonprofit partners addressing today’s greatest need.

Ray Hadden - Special Olympics Connecticut Athlete Coach and Health Leader

Being a successful leader and mentor is important to me. When I was asked to become part of the Connecticut Special Olympics health team, I thought, what great opportunity this would be! At the time I had been thinking a lot about my own health and what I could do to improve it. Why was this important? There is a strong history of heart disease in my family, and at age 24 I myself had a stroke.

VETFEST: United States largest veterans outreach event

VETLIFE was created to help veterans access their benefits at a local level where they have the best chance of success of obtaining those benefits. VETFEST is our flagship event that attracts thousands of veterans and their family members to a completely free, fun family style event where they can be connected to local resource providers to learn more about the benefits they are entitled to through their military service. Search Livingston Vet Fest on social media and our event will pop up.