Campaign Materials and Resources

Use the filters to find campaign materials and resources.

Use the Keyworker Guide, the Quick Reference Sheet, and the Keyworker Training presentation to prepare CFC Keyworkers to successfully prepare for the CFC.Use the Keyworker Guide, the Quick Referenc

Planning a CFC event? Use these training guides to help get you on the right track to plan a successful, promotional CFC event!

Use the Campaign Management Guide and Campaign Manager Training PDF presentation to train campaign workers to feel prepared and confident in managing their CFC successfully.

Use this official CFC logo for all your materials. Click the image or title to learn more.

Use these pieces as a poster, flyer, or email attachment to raise awareness for the HEART OF THE MIDLANDS CFC.

Use these pieces as print out cards or email attachments to encourage employees to donate through the HEART OF THE MIDLANDS CFC.

Download and print these cards as a way to say "Thank You" for supporting, working, or donating through the HEART OF THE MIDLANDS CFC!

Use these posters to promote the CFC and highlight federal employees and retirees who pledge to Be the Face of Change!

Use this poster to measure campaign progress. You can track a dollar goal or percent of contact or number of number of weeks left in the campaign.

Use this poster to promote the CFC and highlight military service members who pledge to Be the Face of Change!

Use these speech templates to customize remarks at CFC events, staff meetings, or commanders' calls.

Use this toolkit as a guide to hosting successful CFC events. Tips and resources are embedded in the three sections: Plan, Invite, and Implement.

The Start Strong toolkit is designed to help you launch the CFC within your agency, pique your colleagues’ interest in the campaign, and generate momentum to carry through the entire CFC season.

Use this toolkit to help promote CFC causes during each week of the campaign.

Use this toolkit to guide you as you engage with leaders and support their efforts to promote the campaign. 

Download and complete the fillable pledge form for federal employees or retirees. Then, print and mail your completed form (don’t forget to sign it!) to the CFC pledge processing center.